Commercial Luxury Vinyl Planks

Commercial Luxury Vinyl Planks
Commercial luxury vinyl planks are a perfect combination of style, convenience and durability and offer a perfect feel-good factor at workplace. Besides combating natural wear and tear, our commercial luxury vinyl planks enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space and guarantee highest durability and realistic visuals. They come in varied styles, textures and sizes, which help you make a wise choice. Our commercial luxury vinyl planks are ideal for retail stores, offices, departmental stores and other commercial establishments.
What you get when you install these Commercial Luxury Vinyl Planks?
These products are:
  • Scratch resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Rich in terms of visual appeal
  • They need low maintenance
  • They are rich and unparalleled in terms of acoustic performance
  • They are affordable and easy to install
  • They are long lasting and hence they justify your investment
Therefore you see, when you install these commercial luxury vinyl planks it gives you a string of benefits.

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