Commercial Sheet Vinyl

Commercial Sheet Vinyl Homogeneous
This homogenous vinyl floor covering is made up of a single layer vinyl sheet and offers great vibrancy and depth. Commercial sheet vinyl is known for its longevity and is widely used in areas such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities. These vinyl sheets come with small to large flecks in coloured backgrounds and are durable.
This particular flooring solution comes with a string of advantages:
  • The sheets are homogeneous, non-directional and hardwearing and thus, can be applied on any types of floors that are likely to face a lot of stubborn and heavy traffic.
  • They are highly durable and need very little maintenance, which makes them highly value flooring solutions. This is much because they come with a very long life span.
  • They are stubborn and come up with anti-bacterial and fungicidal capacities, and you need to opt for the T-rated variety, to get the best of the lot. It will guarantee optimal performance.
  • They do not arrest dirt and dust and hence are extremely easy to clean. They minimise scuff marks and scratches, stains and hence, are easy to maintain.
  • They are water proof and fire resistant and are amongst the safest varieties of flooring.
Commercial Sheet Vinyl Heterogeneous
This particular vinyl sheet is known for its unmatched durability and offers long-lasting protection on all products. A striking feature of this vinyl sheet is that they are manufactured in sheets and can be welded as per requirement. It mimics stone, ceramic, metal, concrete, terrazzo, slate and mosaic and is available in varied colours and textures. Some heterogeneous commercial sheet vinyl comes equipped with special protective coatings, which offer low maintenance compared to flooring, which provides a more sophisticated look.
What are the Advantages of Commercial Sheet Vinyl Heterogeneous Flooring?
  • The Commercial Sheet Vinyl Heterogeneous flooring products that we offer are engineered to sustain heavy traffic and they can still stay as fresh and beautiful as new.
  • Besides, they are easy to clean, and are manufactured with the help of quantum guard technology. This makes cleaning of these tiles extremely easy.
  • They are abrasion and stain-resistant and are an extremely hygienic, and visually enticing flooring solution.
  • Most of these sheets have non-ortho phthalate features and that makes them so durable and at the same time so clean and fresh.
  • They are cost effective and taking into account their durability, they are justifiable as well.
Commercial Sheet Vinyl ESD
Specially engineered for ESD protection, commercial sheet vinyl comes with static dissipative properties. ESD materials often lead to system failures in healthcare facilities, ordnance, manufacture and storage units which can prove to be dangerous and expensive. This unique commercial sheet vinyl ESD is ideal for telecommunication installations, scanner rooms, X-ray suites and can be widely used for electronics manufacturing.
What makes Commercial Sheet Vinyl ESD Flooring so Popular?
Well, there are quite a number of reasons, why Commercial Sheet Vinyl ESD flooring is so highly acclaimed for business complexes.
  • They prevent Device Failure:
    As conventional floors are highly conductive, they would allow passage of the static charge from one place to the others. Even the micro-rays can be disruptive for the technical infrastructure and can affect the machines and devices, causing them to fail. The device affected can be microchips and even circuits. These ESD flooring prevents such incidents and this is where they would come handy.
  • They prevent Fire:
    These floors can prevent fire and can even absorb sounds that be disruptive to activities.
  • They ensure safety from chemicals:
    This flooring can be ideal in bio industry, as they restrict transfer of energy from various volatile chemicals that can cause massive hazard.
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