Domestic Carpet Tiles

Domestic Carpet Tiles
Domestic carpet tiles are versatile and known for their hard-wearing properties. They are available with a standard backing or providing a sophisticated feel in cushion back.

Domestic carpet tiles come in varied shapes, colours and textures, which can be organised to create an innovative design as per your imagination. Similar to vinyl tiles, domestic carpet tiles can be easily repaired without replacing the entire flooring.

These Domestic Carpet Tiles come up with some Unique Advantages
  • These tiles are extremely easy to install and are hence ideal for DIY projects
  • They can be extremely colourful, innovative and stylish
  • They are highly cost effective and are hence, ideal for small budget flooring solution
  • They are very easy to maintain and if an individual tile is damaged, it is pretty easy to replace that defective tile.
  • They are durable and hence are a justifiable investment
  • The tiles come with a low pile and hence are best when it comes to maintaining indoor air quality and keep allergies at bay.
  • They are resistant to water and moisture and hence, are excellent choices.
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