Specialising in commercial flooring, we offer a versatile service range of modern commercial flooring solutions along with reliable and stress-free installation process. As licensed and qualified commercial flooring specialists, we offer premium materials and quality workmanship to ensure that each project is finalised to the highest customer satisfaction standard. From brand new flooring to removal and preparation services, our team of expert tradesmen is here to assist you.
Commercial Flooring
At Commercial Vinyl Flooring, we specialise in all types of commercial flooring services. We gather a team of skilled and qualified tradesmen, dedicated to providing fast and reliable service. Our commercial flooring services include:

Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Revamp your commercial flooring with high-quality commercial luxury vinyl tiles and give a visual boost to your workplace. With endless creative design combinations such as stone, ceramic, concrete, slate, terrazzo and mosaics, you can give a whole new look to your commercial floors worthy of stealing attention. These tiles come in varied shapes, styles and colours and are ideal for textured surfaces due to their realistic appearances. Some commercial luxury vinyl tiles contain specialised commercial PUV. This unique coating is scratch-resistant and prevents scuff and stains effectively while being durable and abrasion-resistant. Commercial luxury vinyl tiles are widely used in supermarkets, retail outlets, salons, medical outlets and places that experience high foot traffic.

Commercial Luxury Vinyl Planks
Commercial luxury vinyl planks are a perfect combination of style, convenience and durability and offer a perfect feel-good factor at workplace. Besides combating natural wear and tear, our commercial luxury vinyl planks enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space and guarantee highest durability and realistic visuals. They come in varied styles, textures and sizes, which help you make a wise choice. Our commercial luxury vinyl planks are ideal for retail stores, offices, departmental stores and other commercial establishments.

Commercial Vinyl Composite Tiles
Commercial vinyl composite tiles are essentially made from limestone and PVC, which makes these tiles sturdy enough to withstand natural wear. These high-quality tiles are widely used in supermarkets since years and are known for their longevity and affordability. You can choose from a wide range of options and experiment with colours to create the desired look you want.

Commercial Sheet Vinyl Homogeneous
This homogenous vinyl floor covering is made up of a single layer vinyl sheet and offers great vibrancy and depth. Commercial sheet vinyl is known for its longevity and is widely used in areas such as hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities. These vinyl sheets come with small to large flecks in coloured backgrounds and are durable.

Commercial Sheet Vinyl Heterogeneous
This particular vinyl sheet is known for its unmatched durability and offers long-lasting protection on all products. A striking feature of this vinyl sheet is that they are manufactured in sheets and can be welded as per requirement. It mimics stone, ceramic, metal, concrete, terrazzo, slate and mosaic and is available in varied colours and textures. Some heterogeneous commercial sheet vinyl comes equipped with special protective coatings, which offer low maintenance compared to flooring, which provides a more sophisticated look.

Commercial Sheet Vinyl ESD
Specially engineered for ESD protection, commercial sheet vinyl comes with static dissipative properties. ESD materials often lead to system failures in healthcare facilities, ordnance, manufacture and storage units which can prove to be dangerous and expensive. This unique commercial sheet vinyl ESD is ideal for telecommunication installations, scanner rooms, X-ray suites and can be widely used for electronics manufacturing.

Commercial Carpet Tiles
Commercial carpet tiles are versatile and known for their hard-wearing properties. They are available with a standard backing or providing a sophisticated feel in cushion back. Commercial carpet tiles come in varied shapes, colours and textures, which can be organised to create an innovative design as per your imagination. Similar to vinyl tiles, commercial carpet tiles can be easily repaired without replacing the entire flooring.

Commercial Designer Floor and Wallcovering
These unique commercial designer floor and wall coverings are newly introduced to the market and are mainly woven vinyl. You can choose from a variety of colours and types to meet your tailored requirements.

We excel in seamless and flawless anti-static sheet vinyl installation using proficiency and cutting-edge skill-set.

We offer customised stair nosing installation for a wide range of coverings.

Our skilled tradesmen supply and install a range of high-quality vinyl skirting designs.

We take pride in offering contemporary safety sheet vinyl, which is easy to install and maintain.